Insurance for Those Under 65

We Represent Many Companies

Well versed in the Affordable Care Act and anything that comes after.

With the new Administration, stay with us as we learn and navigate the new health system that will be put in place.

Don't think you qualify for a subsidy? Let us go directly through the company with you.

Plans for individuals, families, and partners.  We broker with several companies to provide the best choice for you.

Changing a job, new marital status?  Call or fill out the form below to get guidance from us.  We never collect a fee from you!

Fill out the form below 

Carriers Include:
Carefirst BlueCross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare Kaiser Permanente, Cigna and more.. 
We are individual brokers who work with general agencies and contacts right inside the insurance companies.  
Use a broker instead of going direct, we have superior customer service!
We love the Eastern Shore!
Dental Plans


Carefirst, Delta, Dominion and more.

Expertise in enrolling clients in dental plans for individuals of any age.

Contact us to get a quote for a low premium plan.

Several companies to choose from, let us find one that your dentist accepts.

"There's always a solution to any problem.  We ensure each plan fits every client perfectly and because of our knowledge and experience, they are always satisfied."

Brendan Basmajian


>> Give us a call, day or night, and we’ll be there to lend a hand <<

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